What We Do

Voice of Messiah is a Bible-based nonprofit organization. Our mission is to produce evangelism & discipleship resources focused on Bible prophecy, Church History, and Spiritual Formation, from a Messianic Jewish perspective. We pursue this mission by publishing books, posting digital media content, and creating high-quality online courses.

Most of our time at present is spent on content production. However, we also plan to use these materials in the future within the context of on-ground evangelistic outreaches, Bible studies, community events, conferences, and teaching within local churches & messianic congregations, etc.


Our ministry was founded in 2016 by Travis Snow. Since the beginning, we have been committed to overseeing a ministry that develops outreach and teaching materials that are relevant to both the Jewish community, and the broader community of nations. In terms of specifics, we focus on topics we believe will (1) help prepare God’s people for the return of Jesus, (2) reach Israel and the nations with the Good News, and (3) strengthen the doctrinal and spiritual foundations of the Body of Messiah.