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Voice of Messiah recommends the following resources on evangelism, discipleship, and Biblical studies. Check back frequently for newly added titles. 

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The Passover King is an in-depth study of Bible prophecy and the return of Jesus. It covers many key biblical texts from Genesis to Revelation, and illustrates how the feast of Passover functions as an eschatological blueprint that can help us understand future prophetic events in a deeper way. Some of the key topics covered in this book include: the eschatological significance of the biblical feasts, God’s will for Israel in the last days, essential texts related to the rise of the Antichrist, the Gog of Magog invasion, the timing of the Rapture, the sequence of events in Revelation, what Jesus is going to do when He returns, and God’s will for believers in the days ahead. For more information on The Passover King click here. Or purchase now on Amazon by clicking here.

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Many prophecy teachers over the last 50 years have argued that the Antichrist will arise from Europe and oversee a “revived Roman empire.” In Mideast Beast, Joel Richardson presents another possibility. He proves how the Bible consistently connects the Antichrist and his kingdom primarily to the nations of the Middle East and North Africa. This is by far the best book ever written on the kingdom of the Antichrist. It is well-researched and scholarly, but still practical and easy to follow. The reality of a rising Middle Eastern Antichrist will impact every follower of Jesus in a profound way in the days ahead, which is why we consider this a must read. Purchase this book through Amazon by clicking here. It is also available on Joel’s website,, as either a free PDF download or hardback for purchase.

Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord is arguably the best book on the timing of the Rapture ever written. Originally published in 2013 by New Testament scholar Alan Kurschner (PhD), this book presents the Biblical case for what is known as the Pre-Wrath Rapture theory.  In essence, Pre-Wrath is a modified, yet more Biblically nuanced and accurate, version of the Post-Tribulation Rapture theory. Pre-Wrath maintains that believers do go through the Great Tribulation and face the Antichrist (contrary to Pre-Trib). However, it also maintains that believers are in fact taken into heaven for a brief period of time after the Great Tribulation, before finally returning to the earth with Jesus (contrary to traditional Post-Trib). Kurschner explains the timing of end time events, including the chronology of the book of Revelation, better than anyone. Purchase on Amazon now. 

Sinai to Zion is a detailed study of many overlooked prophecies in the Hebrew Bible that depict the return of Jesus. Written by prophecy expert Joel Richardson, this book makes the case that the Messiah will return to the Middle East, rescue the Jewish people, and then once again lead them through the desert in a prophetic replay of the original Exodus story, before finally ascending up to Jerusalem to claim His throne. This excellent volume is one of the best books on the return of Jesus ever written. It is also a great companion book to read alongside The Passover King. The hardback can be purchased on Joel Richardson’s website, and the ebook can be purchased on Amazon.

When a Jew Rules the World is an excellent summary of God’s prophetic plan for Israel and the Jewish people. Tragically, throughout Church History, many prominent theologians have endorsed Replacement Theology and anti-Semitism. This book gives an overview of the history of Replacement Theology, as well as a more Biblically-grounded perspective on what the Scriptures teach concerning Israel. It is available at for free and for purchase in hardback.

Our Hands Are Stained With Blood by Michael Brown (PhD) is an accessible overview of the history of Christian anti-Semitism. This is a must read for every follower of Jesus who wants to have a better understanding of this critical topic, which is tragically neglected by most pastors, seminary professors, and Church leaders. It is also a resource that will equip God’s people to share the Gospel with the Jewish people in a more sensitive manner, and stand against the rising tides of anti-Semitism in the modern day. Purchase on Amazon now.

Unto Death is a call to God’s people to fulfill the Great Commission. It is a convicting appeal to seek treasures in heaven and joy in the Age to Come with the Messiah, more than the comforts, riches, and enticements of this world. Even if you are not called directly to overseas evangelism work, this book will still help you understand the importance of becoming more involved with what the Lord is doing around the world today, in whatever capacity you are able. Dalton Thomas weaves together historical accounts from pioneering missionaries of old, with Biblical insights gleaned from his own life as a modern-day missionary serving in the Middle East. This book can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here. 

The idea that the Messiah would be raised from the dead is a very Jewish idea. In this groundbreaking book, Resurrection, Dr. Michael Brown looks at the concept of the resurrection of the Messiah from a Jewish point of view. He covers various Jewish opinions about the Messiah in an objective way. If you want to understand the doctrine of the Messiah from a Jewish perspective, don’t miss the vital information in this book. Purchase on Amazon. 

Isaiah 53 is one of the most important prophecies in the entire Bible. In Isaiah 53 Explained, Dr. Mitch Glaser highlights the meaning and importance of this prophecy. This is a book for those who are curious about the Messiah, and also for those who are spiritually seeking the truth about God and His plan for this world. Buy the book on Amazon. 

Introduction to Messianic Judaism presents a doctrinal and historical case for Messianic Judaism as both a legitimate, and necessary, form of New Covenant faith. This book is scholarly in its approach to the material. However, it also covers many practical issues that arise within Messianic Jewish ministry contexts, including, Torah observance, Replacement Theology, Jewish tradition, and the history of the Messianic movement. For those seeking a solid entry point into the world of Messianic Jewish theology and scholarship, there is no better resource available. Purchase now on Amazon by clicking here.   

Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Michael Rydelnik covers Israel’s modern history in a fair and balanced way, while also incorporating a biblical perspective on the material. With the rise of anti-Zionism, which is really nothing more than anti-Semitism, Christians and Messianic Jews need to understand this history now more than ever.

Unfortunately, this book is out of print. However, there are some used copies available on Amazon, and the Kindle version is available as well. Click here.

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