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Voice of Messiah is sad to announce that one of the founding members of our ministry, and a faithful member of our board since 2016, passed away last week, April 22, 2021, on his boat in Houston.

Rick’s funeral was today in Plano, Texas. It was a difficult, yet healing time. Many people shared touching and hilarious stories from their years of knowing Rick.

When we started this ministry five years ago, Rick was with us from day one. He encouraged me and my wife, gave us sage advice over the years, and was a big supporter of this ministry in so many ways. We would not be where we are today were it not for Rick’s faithful service. 

Just as importantly, Rick was also a great friend. The first Shabbat dinner I ever went to in 2004 was at Rick’s house. Rick was there at my entry point into the Messianic Jewish movement when I was only 18, and I will always be grateful for his hospitality and the various shindigs he hosted at his house over the years. 

One thing I loved about my friendship with Rick was that I always felt like I could be myself around him. I didn’t have to worry about having it all together all the time, or saying the right thing. Rick was the guy who would take you out on his sailboat and let you be yourself, let you complain about life, or let you not say anything at all. He was family. He was someone who made people feel comfortable in their own skin.  

Anyone close to Rick knows that he could also be abrasive and argumentative at times. But I actually loved that about him. I loved that Rick was real, direct, substantive, intelligent, impatient with poor arguments, and that you always knew where he stood on an issue. 

Rick was a man loved and chosen by the Lord, and a man of enormous heart and courage, faithful through years of longsuffering with various health ailments, pains, and surgeries.  

Rick was a man you knew you could always count on for anything you needed when it really mattered.  

I will miss our long meandering conversations and arguments about everything: life, theology, politics, history, the future of America, etc.  

I will miss cooking him a steak on his $3,000 Japanese Kamado Grill. 

I am sad that I never got to go out on his new boat. 

I am sad that Rick won’t be able to serve with our ministry anymore, or invite us over for a lazy Sunday afternoon at his house, or for a Thanksgiving after party. 

Thank you Lord for Rick’s life and service all these years. We miss him already but trust that you know best. May the memory of Rick Dugan be a blessing now, and in the Eternal Kingdom to come. Amen.