Just wanted to make a quick announcement: Voice of Messiah’s first book The Passover King has now officially been published. The book can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here, and it is also available as a free PDF download on our website here.

My goal for our ministry since its founding in 2016 was that we would be able to begin publishing high-quality discipleship resources that embody our unique core values. Getting to this point has taken us on quite the zig-zagging journey, but I am very pleased that our labor over the last four years is beginning to bear even more fruit.

I personally wrote The Passover King in the midst of struggling with a number of chronic, and at times debilitating health issues, and in many ways, I think the Lord used this book to keep me alive and to give me something to look forward to. In a certain sense, the research, writing, and editing process for this book stretched me to the limit of my physical and emotional strength. But then at the same time, there were also many lessons I learned from doing the research that allowed me to perceive an even deeper vision of the glory and majesty of the Messiah, which greatly encouraged my heart during a very difficult season of life.

Since beginning the book two years ago my health has greatly improved to about the 75% mark, and I am continuing to implement the diet and lifestyle habits that will hopefully bring me all the way back to 100%. If you feel led, I would really appreciate your prayers over this area of my life.

Also, if you are someone out there who has an interest in Bible prophecy and the return of Jesus, I think this book will be a blessing to you. I wanted to write a book that would both cover many of the most important end-time themes and texts (i.e. the Rapture, God’s will for Israel, the Antichrist, etc.) but also focus just as much on Jesus Himself and the establishment of His kingdom. I feel like I was able to achieve that balance. I’m very relieved that the writing process is over, and I feel blessed to be able to share this message with the world.

-Travis M. Snow